Shit the cow

                   got noice to deliver

Cavelord for free

- for everyone

Over at Bandcamp you can download Cavelord and all music by Shit the Cow for free. Or you can buy the exclusive Cavelord vinyl. But that will cost you... we are not made of money (or vinyl, sadly, cause that would be awsome)

Cavelord is upon us!

On December 7 we will release our debut album Cavelord on all major streaming services and in early 2018 it will be available on vinyl! Until then: here is "Changing of the Gods".

EP The one with the devi (2016)

"Shit The Cow is a band of Swedish rockers set out to explore the limitations of their own universe, and from what I’ve heard there are no limits on what this band can do." - Metal Nexus

"The six track incitement is a furore of creative theatre and raw energy treating ears and imagination to an often ferocious and always compelling mix of alternative and hard rock with as forceful punk, stoner, and garage rock infusions." - The Ringmasters review